Joanne Wallace is a singer/songwriter from Liverpool, England. She has been singing and playing music for over 20 years, and writing music regularly for 4 years.


From the age of 11 years old Joanne sang and played guitar in her local church choir of St. Margaret Mary's in Liverpool, under the leadership of Fr. Eddie Cain. When he left to join a new parish, Joanne and two friends took over the running of the music ministry. She was 15. For the next three years, she learned the 'art' of constructing music for masses, services and liturgies.


Joanne was heavily involved in the music when she went to Lourdes in 1991 with the Archdiocese of Liverpool. Another major influence on her musical life was Anthony Sharpe - he was Head of Music at Broughton Hall High School. His example showed Joanne another avenue to constructing music ... you can write your own. She became involved in many shows, concerts and masses. Some of the performances were in the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and on BBC TV for "Songs of Praise" at the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral.


After this point, Joanne went to university and focused on her teaching career. Although she played music for her own enjoyment, there was a 20 year gap until she actively became involved in church music again.


December 2013 was a turning point in Joanne's life ... it was the year that she made the decision to record her music. 


In 2013, producer and family friend, Martin Fletcher, posted a Facebook advert for recording services. Having known each other for over 20 years, Joanne contacted Martin to enquire about his services. At that time Martin was in the process of recording his musical "Father, Forgive Them". Joanne sent him a (phone-recorded) mp3 of "I Call Your Name". Martin was so taken aback by the quality of this song that he offered to record it for free in exchange for putting it into his musical, to which it fits perfectly. From that point, Joanne chose Martin as her producer.


The album "I Call Your Name" was then born.  The recording process was started and week by week the album took shape with the support of her Parish Priest, Fr. Andrew Unsworth.


Joanne currently leads the music ministry at her parish of St. Francis of Assisi in Liverpool, sings with the Liverpool Harmonic Gospel Choir and has performed at the Liverpool Echo Arena with John Bishop on his "Elvis Has Left The Building" tour.